The State of Financial Compliance

The compliance industry has spoken. Here's what they said.

Get a glimpse into the future of compliance with this comprehensive industry report. 225 of your peers offer a holistic view of the financial compliance industry, revealing the strategic investments being made by today's leaders, the reasons behind initiative prioritization, and a glimpse into the next wave of compliance evolution. Don't miss out on the insights you need to stay ahead; download this report and empower your organization to thrive in this ever-changing terrain.

From this report, you will take away:

What strategic investments today's compliance leaders are making


Why certain initiatives are being prioritized above others


What the next wave of financial compliance looks like & how to prepare

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Understanding integrations

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Building your next integration

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Key report findings


Efficiency leads the way

93% of financial compliance leaders identify program performance and efficiency as their top concerns, cementing its status as the key metric for value-based decision-making.


Non-integrated systems driving inefficiency

83% of compliance teams are managing at least 3 separate systems as part of their program’s operation - leading to data fragmentation and siloed systems as a key source of inefficiency.


Many concerns about Automation & AI

Respondents to this survey noted these problem areas: implementation challenges, data privacy, algorithmic bias, regulatory backlash and over-reliance on technology for decision-making.

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