The intersection of AI and financial
crimes: A fireside chat

AI & FinCrime Fireside Chat

Pull up a seat to our fireside chat, where we'll dive into the intersection of AI and financial crimes. Money laundering and fraud have become increasingly sophisticated and difficult to detect, but recent advances in AI have provided new opportunities to identify and prevent financial crimes.

Join Amanda Wick (Assoc. for Women in Cryptocurrency), Minu Yerra (Ripple), and Wadeeha Jackson (Hummingbird) as they discuss: 

The benefits and requirements of an efficient risk team

The integration of AI-based fraud detection tools within existing fincrime prevention frameworks

The regulatory expectations present when utilizing AI to mitigate compliance risk

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Meet the Speakers

  • Amanda Wick

    The Association for Women in Cryptocurrency

  • Minu Yerra

    VP, Global Head of Compliance (BSA & OFAC Officer), Ripple

  • Wadeeha Jackson

    Solutions Architect, Hummingbird