Automate to Accelerate:
How to Streamline Compliance With Hummingbird Automations

Don’t let manual work slow down your compliance team any longer.

Imagine a world where compliance teams aren't burdened with all kinds of manual and repetitive tasks. But instead, they’re able to focus their attention where it matters most: on complex, strategic compliance work.

This is the promise and power of automation for compliance — and it’s why we’re thrilled to introduce our new product, Hummingbird Automations.

Join us to see why compliance is ripe for automation and explore just how automation can help you accelerate critical compliance processes. Plus, get an inside look at how Affirm automates their workflows – with special guest Allie VanderJeugdt, Senior Manager of Financial Crimes Compliance at Affirm.

You'll learn:

Why automation is the key to solving compliance’s biggest problem: time-consuming manual processes

Common automation use cases across customer due diligence, quality assurance, triage, case management, and more

Real-life examples of how Affirm is using Hummingbird Automations to improve oversight and streamline their compliance workflow

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Meet your speakers

  • Joe Robinson

    Co-Founder and CEO, Hummingbird

  • Allie VanderJeugdt

    Sr. Manager of Financial Crimes Compliance, Affirm

  • Amanda Gorfine

    Sales Engineer, Hummingbird

  • Courtney Chuang

    Head of Product Marketing, Hummingbird