The Future of Fraud Prevention & AML
in the Digital Banking World

The Future of Fraud Prevention & AML in the Digital Banking World

This digital event was in partnership with Risky Women®.

Watch this lively conversation between industry experts at Visa, Chime, and Hummingbird on the evolving landscape of fraud prevention and AML practices in digital banking.

Key concepts our panelists will cover include:

The evolving landscape of compliance practices in digital banking and how this differs from other finance segments

Emerging threats that may seek to exploit current vulnerabilities in the digital banking system, including AI-enabled fraud and deep fakes

Challenges, trends, and advancements in technology that are shaping current compliance programs and risk mitigation strategies


How to deliver a frictionless customer experience that is supported by robust risk and compliance checks

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Meet your speakers

  • Natalie England

    Senior Director, Global Risk Advisors, Product and Payment Services Risk

  • Acacia Sacks

    Head of Financial Crimes & Identity

  • Wadeeha Jackson

    Regulatory Solutions Architect