Perspectives Across the Industry:
A Fireside Chat on the Future of Regulation

A Fireside Chat on the Future of Regulation, Compliance, & Data Behind It

This digital event was held in partnership with ACFCS.

In an ever-changing industry what does the regulator of 2030 look like? How does the job change for compliance professionals as AI and Big Data continue to move so quickly, and how do we keep up?

Please join us for this discussion on why regulation and compliance is fundamentally a data science exercise and for insights across the industry on what is to come.

This discussion will help position attendees:

Understand the perspectives from SaaS companies, Regulators, and TradFi

Understand the scope of what's coming next

Think proactively about the future of the industry

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Meet your speakers

  • Matt Van Buskirk

    Co-Founder & CEO, Regulatory, Hummingbird

  • Jas Ranhawa

    Founder and Managing Partner, StrategyBRIX

  • Kendall McColley

    Special Agent, IRS CI